Christmas Festivities, New Year and the Inevitable - What To Do Now?

Finally, a chance to talk to you all again, I hope you have a had a wonderful Christmas and that you are looking forward to the New Year I certainly am, you know at this time of the year we all start to make resolutions; dieting, saving, learning, getting a new job. I have made pretty much all of these over the past few years, and I'm sure like the rest of you find that after the exuberance of joining the gym, buying new books and setting up new accounts by the time it gets to about mid- January, work, cold nights, and january sales have definitely scuppered the virtuous new leaves we have tried to turn.
I have now finished my placement interning at a bridal studio in Fulham, gorgeous couture dresses and veils and pretty things, I learnt a lot, but it is definitely time to move on to something a bit more, well, me. I mean, I love weddings, but I need a bit of colour in my life apart from white, ivory, greige and blush pink. I need scarlet and turquoise and glitter! I have seen how the business runs and that is probably what I have learnt most, that and don't try and archive all the press cuttings in one week, before the Christmas break if you want to remain sane, and the people around you aren't frightened for their lives!!
However, this January will be different, I am not working, and I have all the machinery to make me able to run my own mini studio. I am currently doing some interiors things, and trying very hard to get my head around repeat designs, I'll admit this now, one of my resolutions is to be able to do them better! I am also going to commit to writing this at least once a week and posting more pictures about the things I am seeing, drawing and doing.
I have ordered a new massive pin board to cover one wall of my studio, so that I can have all my ideas mingling together in one place, I have hunted out all of my empty notebooks, to make sure I always have one with me for doodling in. I also want to make some jewellery things, add a bit of sparkly goodness to the rest of January hopefully. I will also update the website It totally needs some jazzing (it's the only appropriate word) up. I'm feeling weary already, must fight through the urge to just sit and watch all the new Tintin DVDs I just got!!
For now, a couple of picture of my tree and the new bauble for this year which isn't on the tree, because our tree is too tiny to hold it!


My little tree today, looking empty of pressies...

The new bauble from Liberty, christmas wonder in a glass ball. Very Frozen Planet too!

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