New Year, New Start... AGAIN

You may or may not have been following this rather lacklustre blog, about the trials and tribulations of finding a job, when the whole world is trying to find a job or full of employers trying to cut back. We have all (in the fashion industry) been further hit by the fact that HMRC has finally got the BFC to enforce the law and pay its graduate interns National Minimum Wage. However instead of paying us, they have just got rid of us, which at my last placement meant getting rid of all SEVEN interns. Now, I am pleased that some of the UK fashion houses are taking this seriously, but surely that cannot mean that there are now now places for graduates to go to get experience, and I don't believe that this will be honoured by other industries, in fashion or otherwise.
Again it is back to square one, which means a pro active and positive use of time before the next thing shows up. Like the rest of the blog world I have resolutions, but i'm going to make mine a to do list with the hope that the ability to tick the task off will spur me on to completing it before the year is out.
1) Buy a Wallplanner (I feel that organisation is the key to a productive year)
2) Finish Clutch Bag Prototype (Watch this space for posts about that)
3) Start to learn Italian as this will add another dimension to my CV
4) Learn to drive (I know ridiculous that I don't already know)
5) Launch Bag line (see task 2)
6) Set up and Write Blog about my other main JOY... Cooking! (When I hear you cry - see task 1)
7) Update Pintrest, Website, Twitter and Blog more regularly!
Obviously there are a dozen more things, get fit, find a dance class, loose weigh, become tidier etc etc but they are less important than these, or rather I think that setting myself too much to do will just end in me doing nothing.
And as it's Twelfth Night here is a picture of my christmas crafting a holly garland that pretty much ripped my hands to shreds, but looked and smelt gorgeous over the fireplace!

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