Depop - The Magpie's Dream

I have far too many clothes and other things cluttering up my life currently, and being temporarily without a 9-5 I have got some spare time to sort them all out! I am so fed up of eBay- all the hassle and the fuss. Enter Depop the new app for selling your stuff, it's so easy to use, snap a picture (be warned it's a bit more hassle on Android systems due to not being able to take square photos like on the iPhone) and post it, it's like instagram for selling.
You pay only if an item has sold and people can search for you as a user or by using hashtags which is great for current perverse obsession with hashtagging my life.

Here is a selection of items up for grabs... go have a browse...

find me kategwilliam there along with loads of other great bloggers and sellers!

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