ICYMI: Mademoiselle Privé at Saatchi Gallery

In case you couldn't make it to Saatchi Gallery to see the fabulous Mademoiselle Privé exhibition here are a few snaps from it.

You actually have until tomorrow (1st November) to get down there, it's open until 10pm tonight, so make a night of it, have cocktails after and enjoy!

These are images from Lemarié The Flower and Feather Atelier. I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop making our own flower designs.

The Lemarié Workshop design- it only took the Petit Mains 45 minutes to do this!

Amazing 3D flower samples for Chanel

More beautiful flower work

Chanel Camellia

Perfect Placement

A close up of feather work

Stunning use of feathers to create this beautiful tableau

Feather Fever!

 Lesage the embroiderers were also running workshops during the exhibition here are some photos of samples and the workshop
Lesage Brooch workshop- this was the example provided

The Lesage supplies

Lesage Samples

Work in progress from Lesage


A clash of sequins, stitches and colours

Beads strung up and ready to sew

I apologise for the photo quality- it was incredibly busy and my phone camera doesn't really like bright lights!

Here are a few more from around the exhibition

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