I've Already Finished My 'To-Do' List...

This is actually a first for me, honest. I have actually finished a To-Do list, that is to say, I have finished all of the things that I had expected to finish today. Don't get too envious, I still have a stack of things to do, but none of those were on the list for today, HURRAH!
I apologise for gloating about this, but as it has made me over-the-moon happy, and also motivated me to do things that WEREN'T EVEN ON THE LIST, I have to tell you what I have been up to:

Firstly, I re-took photos, edited them and uploaded them to my website (, whilst I was on there I re-arranged things tidied it all up and made it a bit more professional- I hope.
I have then organised my books:


I have applied for an Internship at Matthew WIlliamson

I have organised an interview with the embroidery designer at Phillpa Lepley for an internship and planned outfits for this and my interview on Thursday for freelance work (excitement!)
I have even sorted out my social life, well, I have booked tickets to see my friend J.J. ( in Pinocchio at Chiswick House, which may be wet and muddy, but will be great.
Even managed to squeeze in a little lunch time procrastination voting for my favourite skin care on Stylist here:
All very exciting, but now time for lunch!

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