So Much To Catch Up On...

Writing this post in a somewhat apologetic fashion, I have neglected to post anything for ages, because I feel like I haven't sat down in one place long enough to do so. I'm being utterly unorganised and unstructured (future employers- if you're reading this, I promise I am nothing like this at work). So in order to make up for the tardiness of my posting I am going to amalgamate about 4 posts into one, with a somewhat sigh of relief at the end. I am also doing this as I have to get back into my routine, which was working rather nicely.

I last left you at finishing my To-Do List, well that lasted for all of about 5 minutes, I write endless lists and invariably doodle all over them whilst think what else to put on the list and then I have to start again because it is all messy. It is a vicious circle, yet one I never really tire of as whilst I am writing the list I feel super organised and proactive even if that lasts for the time it takes for me to write the list.

In honour of said list making, I am listing what I have done since my last post, this is great for both of us, for me it's quick, for you not so boring to read the witterings of me going on and on about what I have been doing


I attended a performance by J.J. in Pinocchio at Chiswick House (Brilliantly funny, completely engaging)
Got a placement at Phillipa Lepley (Yippee!)
Got an interview date for Matthew Williamson (OMG)
Went to Hatfield House to see the Henry Moore exhibition
Saw Wicked   (Utterly, wonderfully, completely spellbinding!)
Found out my sister is having a baby (Yay!)
Went on holiday (Thank Goodness!)

I know doesn't sound all that busy, but there was lots of stuff in between that I just can't think of right now, I'm sure it wasn't just painting my nails and organising my clothes.

I am going to back up this 'busy-ness' with photographs....


J.J. is the Judge, hilarious all round!

L, a blue tongue after managing to get a lollipop from one of the actors

Henry Moore at Hatfield House

Hatfield House, Queen Elizabeth I was told that she was to become Queen whilst staying here

The view from the balcony in Murren, where I was staying with my family

Yes, Swiss cows with bells on GORGEOUS!

Lake Brienz, that we crossed on a Paddle Steamer

The Paddle Steamer

The engine, all from the 1920s absolutely incredible

Then home for my birthday, and what a lovely sunset to see

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