Loving Latvia

I'm lucky enough to have a parent that works abroad, which means that fairly regularly I get to visit another new country and get to explore it. I'm currently taking advantage of being off work to write this even if I'm doing with one eye closed, and for that reason if there are any typos please ignore them, I can't see.

I travelled out with the usual groups of Stag parties that seem to infiltrate these "new" european countries, and arrived in the afternoon to sunny autumnal leafy Riga, yes, that city you hear on the Eurovision Song Contest, a quick trip to the supermarket on the way back to flat ensured that at least we could have lunch and a shower after the 5 AM wake up call.

Then exploration time, I had done some research on Latvian textiles and embroidery places, things to do in other words as I knew that with such a sport filled weekend we would be left to our own devices for at least one full day. Weavers should definitely make a beeline here, as should all people with an interest in design, linen is everywhere and there is a huge emphasis on eco textiles and goods as well as goods that are produced locally. One place that I wish I had visited is You can visit the studio as well as the showroom to see the goods and how they are made, however, they were shut over the weekend so, next time!

On the Friday afternoon, we strolled out to the park near the flat to wake ourselves up a bit whilst waiting for my Dad to finish work, this is the loveliness that he gets to stroll through on his way to work:


I have to admit, all I was concerned with after this was where we were going to eat that evening, after a bit more shopping at Stockmann's ( which is sort of a John Lewis/Selfridges shop, I have to admit, although I didn't come away to go shopping I could easily have spent a long time in there, and the Food Hall. We pottered back home then out to eat, delicious food and wine before heading off to one of my Dad's favourite haunts, V??na Studija, which was PACKED, but still good wine and a cool place to be. (Latvians know how to party...)

V??na Studija on a calmer night...

The following day we drove out to J??rmala, the Beach, yes, I am aware that it is hardly sunbathing weather, but still a brisk bracing windy walk along a golden sand beach was so gorgeous...
My Mum and Dad on the beach. The Bay of Riga to the right with all of its contributing rivers mean the sea isn't very salty either!

Now, I was cultured and visited museums and wandered around the Old Town snapping shots like a tourist, and here they are:

Which is currently on display in The Art Museum Riga Bourse, which is in the Old Stock Exchange, lovely building too, and the best part is you can get so close to all of the exhibits!


Another Image from The Glasstress Riga exhibition.

A view from inside the Convent Yard

Hobbywool, which was unfortunately closed, but still looks very cute from outside!

The House of The Blackheads

The sun setting on my last evening in Riga

Gorgeous buildings are everywhere, there is a huge Art Deco section to Riga's old town.

If you get to go, you will love it, and if you really want to live a full on weekend most bars are open until 5 AM so you can party all night!

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