A Belated Review... Under a Spell of Inspiration: The Power of Making

Now I have been somewhat neglectful recently, I had written this AGES ago, but due to the fact that I spend most of my time now on a train going backwards and forwards to work means that I don't get time to do this anymore. However, this is me turing over a new leaf, you'll probably be sick of me soon!

Ever wanted to see a bike covered in Swarovski crystals or a giant knitted Aran rug?  This exhibition should be on your must-see list.  It is a small exhibition taking over one room in the V&A in conjunction with Crafts Council, but it is packed with gems of craft and design skill.  Having been searching for something to do on a Friday night other than go home and watch telly, or go out and spend lots, I met up with Liz, a fellow textile designer to go have a look, get a drink (even better -Friday Late at the V&A- a bar in the main entrance and a DJ to create some off duty atmosphere) and soak up the inspiration.
The first thing you walk into in the exhibition is a gorilla made out of hundreds of coat hangers I take my hat off to David Mach just for the patience to undertake the structure in the first place.


King Silver??? gorilla sculpture by David Mach RA, 2011, ??Private Collection, photographer Richard Riddick

After being confronted by this impressive creature, there follows a myriad of objects and pieces in all shapes and sizes, practical to purely bizarre, but in each and every one an awe inspiring amount of skill.
As there are far too many objects to talk about I have picked out Liz and my favourites, which we could both happily see in our houses.

First on my wish list is the ???Picking Daisies??? perfume bottle, sounds very conventional, but is actually a gorgeously crafted glass perfume bottle shaped like a hand grenade.  As much a beautiful object , as it is thought provoking, one could easily spend time contemplating world issues with this on their dressing table.


Picking Daisies glass perfume bottle ?? Layne Rowe 2011

There was definitely a theme in our favourite picks, things that we could have and use as well as remark and marvel at their beauty and skill, the next hot pick, Gareth Neal???s Urban Picnic, the table in itself is completely genius, just because of how decorative it is, yet still so brilliantly useable, and the best part, you can accessorise it with matching ping pong bat set and a cricket bat, so now you can have a totally co-ordinated out door life (which is possibly a bit shallow of me, but how great is that?)

Urban Picnic Table ?? Gareth Neal 2010

Continuing on the accessories theme and bringing my two passions, embroidery and fashion, together is possibly the most fabulous bag I have ever seen. Behold, the Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit. A brilliant response to the counterfeit goods being sold, now you can design your own perfectly unique and wonderful Fendi bag, who could say no to that?

Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit ?? Fendi
Last but by no means least, or even the last highlight of what is possibly the most exciting and inspiring exhibition I have been to in the last couple of years, drumroll please!!!
I really want this!!!
Ben Wilson???s Down Low Rider bike, this is a bike for magpies, princesses, gangsters and blingtastic people! Ok, you may think it is not in the best taste, I may be wrong, but how happy would you be cycling around on this?!

Downlow Lowrider Bike ?? Ben Wilson
The exhibition runs until 2nd January, I suggest you get down there and make yourself a wish list; my only complaint is that it isn???t a bigger exhibition!

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