Something fun in the post... Yippeeee

This week I have had TWO fun things through the post, the first came in a lovely black box, personally packaged for me, from the AMAZING people at What's In My Handbag... for all of the nosey parkers out there, this is the ultimate beauty website for you!! If you want to sign up for free, you can just click on the link below and you too could get lovely packages through the post too!

Wrapped up in black tissue, was my lovely new Miller Harris Citron Perfum try with luxurious body lotion to match... YUMTIOUS

I am loving both of them, just right for the sunny days (hopefully) to come!

Then even more excitingly my V&A Membership magazine, which had....drumroll please.......

The Matthew Williamson x Mat Collishaw collaboration which I worked on back in March. Mat Collishaw is an artist, photographer who created a series of insect and butterfly works, it is because of these works that it was so appropriate that Matthew Williamson and Mat Collishaw should work together. It is so exciting to see it in a magazine, and soon I'll be able to go and see it in real life in the V&A and go and see other people looking at it.  Knowing all the fun and games Emma (my lovely boss) and I had trying to work out how to deal with the gigantic canvas in front of us, it will be interesting to hear what people have to say about it!

This is a review of the artwork so far...

To celebrate the London 2012 Festival, the British Fashion Council/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation is launching Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion, for which Mat Collishaw has teamed up with fashion designer Matthew Williamson to realise a long talked about collaboration.
Choosing to update one of Collishaw's famed crushed butterfly paintings, Williamson has embellished the broken butterfly with delicate panels of beading and gems that pick out the highlights of its iridescent scales. Each individual sequin stands proud of the canvas at varying heights, giving the beading a three-dimensional, contoured relief, like a gorgeous exotic fungus sprouting from image.
Running for 12 weeks, from June 21 until September 9, the project will bring together other leading contemporary artists, among them Charming Barker and Paul Smith, to produce nine one-off works of art.


Mat Collishaw and Matthew Williamson
Inkjet print on canvas with beaded panels
220 x 220 cm
The exhibition at the V&A starts on 6th July. More info here:

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