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I have thoroughly enjoyed the bumper Jubilee weekend, although apart from the work party on Friday I haven't actually indulged in any Queenie related goodness, actually I have been glued to it on the telly, thinking awww doesn't Harry look lonely when walking behind Will and Kate...then going on an impossible day dream about how I would make a rather fabulous addition to the royal family! (wishful thinking)
Anyway, as we have had some time to catch up on magazines... HELLO LULA MAGAZINE- how have I never read you before?!!?!? I have just been stumbling around on the internet and had to share what I'd found.
Numero Uno:
AAKASH NIHALANI.. If you like tape, and if you like neon you will love this guy. Whilst checking out a blog my friend tweets about ( ) I found the amazingness that Nihalani

ALL IMAGES ?? AAKASH NIHALANI (I really hope he doesn't mind me putting them here!)
His website :

Continuing on the neon theme...and being inspired by A Girl A Style, the fabulous Briony Whitehouse, NEON NECKLACES, yes, hello fun new project!! If only I'd found this at the beginning of the weekend!! However, rest assured next weekend, I shall be trawling the charity shops for necklaces to Neon-ise!
Here is a tutorial I found:
and another
Here are some inspiring images for you (and me!)

Have Fun!



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