Starting as a Professional...So that means new hair....Right?

The last couple of weeks I have been gearing myself up to venture back into the world of commuting and working.  I have loaded my iPod up with italian lessons, with the rather optimistic hope that I will be fluent after my 3 month stint as an intern working at Phillipa Lepley (where romance is is made in acres of tulle, silk, sequins and dreams!) However in the build up to this new profesh-ness I though I cannot have inch long roots, no way. So off I popped to the lovely Adam at where I was pampered and coloured and cut and now I am sporting a rather fabulous pale white/grey/blonde choppy bob that I am wearing in a rather Marilyn Monroe style curled do! It is making me feel like a proper lady, even when I spill the entire contents of my handbag on the tube. He has also introduced me to the world of Bleach:


I have also given myself a few treats to prepare myself, such as a new pair of jeans, Ok, they were seven eighths jeans which are the perfect length for me at 5 foot 1 inch and three quarters they are basically full length fabulousness!

 I also spent a rather wonderful day out yesterday at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre watching Crazy For You, and I am Crazy For It! The sun was out the musical was a good old broadway romp with tap-dancing girls with amazing legs, a handsome lead and enough silly jokes to make everyone laugh. It did of course rain, but we were all very British about it, I did think to myself, we are all terribly optimistic we'd go out even if there was a 99% chance of rain, as there was a chance of sunshine! 
It was my first visit to Regent's Park, and the theatre there and I cannot wait for next summer to do it all again!

I hope whoever reads this, if there is anyone there, that you had a good weekend too!!

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