Damien Hirst

I finally made it to see the rather confusing world of Butterflies, diamond skulls and dead animals and took my self in to Mr. Hirst's exhibition. I may have mentioned before, I'm really bad at going to exhibitions, because I'm such a cherry picker. I go and see the bits I like and completely avoid the bits I don't. So, H and I marvelled quickly over the diamond skull:
 "Don't the teeth look so out of place, not being covered with diamonds?" 
And made our way out of the black box up to the 3rd floor, looked and chatted through the dots ("Didn't Bridget Riley do the Dot thing?") and pills ("Are they Real?") Like I said, I think we were somewhat missing the point... 
Avoided the flies like the plague, no hanging about round there, especially before we were going to dinner, it would certainly put one off ones porridge so to speak.

Through then, finally to what we really came to see... The Live Butterflies! Once we were herded through the butchers curtains into and overwhelmingly humid hot and sweaty room there they were.  Although they looked rather quite sad and pathetic with their chrysalises left hanging empty on the walls, and bits of dead butterfly stuck to the less than appealing fruit bowls. One thing I was amazed at was the butterfly's tongue, it was so long and curly, but it just seemed so sad to see them sort of flop about.

Quickly back through The Pharmacy past The Spin Paintings which were amazing, but so noisy you could barely think. back through to to the beautiful works with more butterflies, in fantastically kaleidoscopic  arrangements, especially Sympathy in White Major - Absolution II 2006. H and I thought these were the most desirable pictures in the whole exhibition, ones that you could feasibly (if you had a house as big as a gallery) put in your living room, then through to the bling-iest, most over the top, exploration of gold and diamonds, something that we all wish we could I am sure!

One of The Spin Paintings

Sympathy in White Major - Absolution II 2006 Detail,

Anyway, despite me not really engaging with it all, it is still a must see, and it is on until 9th September